WANDERLUXE YOGA | Ubud 3-9th Uma by Como

We hope you're well and enjoying this balmy Australian weather we're having.

​We wanted to touch base again to give you all an update on our beautiful ​WANDERLuxe Yoga Wellness Experiences for 2016.

When you think of Yoga retreats, the first thing that comes to ones mind may not be luxury surroundings, an abundance of chef prepared meals or specially curated gift bags. That was however before our visionary Taryn Vinson, dedicated Yogi and holistic wellness advocate founded WANDERLuxe Yoga. WANDERLuxe Yoga will take you on a journey of mind, body and spirit in some of the most beautiful, luxurious and unique locations around the world for your own, bespoke wellness experience.

And...We are beyond excited to announce the first location of our wellness experience as UMA by COMO Ubud APRIL 3 - 9th, Bali http://www.comohotels.com/umaubud/

This venue will provide a truly remarkable haven for everyone from the most seasoned yogi to an enthusiastic beginner to enjoy and love, there’s no better way to find yourself while spending time abroad. In between Yoga sessions, you will also have plenty of time to do the things that you love whilst taking some time out.

Whilst the emphasis is on Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness, WANDERLuxe won’t restrict your options; in fact food is a very important part of the experience,you can choose to eat Vegan or Non-Vegan for your stay, utilising the farm to fork concept for optimum nutrition. All food experiences are chosen for highest vibrational quality and digestive purposes. You will also receive a personal body analysis to help identify the best ways to fuel your body for optimal health and wellbeing in any respective circumstance.

At our wellness experiences you will also be guided and encouraged in journal techniques; pranayama breathing and meditation techniques to enhance a state of stillness and mental clarity for when the body has come time to rest.

Another beautiful addition to our wellness experiences are our specially curated gift bags, filled with handcrafted goodness. Each product has been selected specifically for this journey as a keepsake and token of your time spent with WANDERLuxe Yoga. Brand Partners include All That Remains Dos Ombré & Marloe Morgan Ceramics

We have places available for Bali, so we have included our booking form for pricing information.

F​or additional​​​ information or enquiries please contact Lyndall on ​0458 080 809 or on wanderluxeyoga@gmail.com

Sending you love ​xx ​

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