~ THE END OF 2015 | Ashtanga Journey continues

~ THE END OF 2015 | Ashtanga Journey continues

For those that don't know me, i practice Ashtanga Yoga. So it would be true to say i am somewhat of an Ashtangi.  I have a daily Mysore Practice. My Practice has been one, not gifted by the ease of perfect lifts, easy twists and instant strength. My practice has been a journey. A struggle. A consistent journey toward a greater knowledge of myself, my truth, my path and revealed through a process in which my pain is contained. 

We all have pain, we all have self doubt, we all believe that deep down we want to feel acceptance and love as a basic motivation for human purpose. Some mask it, some hide it, others like us get on the mat, day after day, year after year. We allow the pain to perhaps come to the surface and we use the tools to move through it. Tomorrow always presents a new day. It doesn't make us better or worse than anyone else. Achieving another posture does not make us better or worse Yogis. What it does do it give me a daily ritual. A ritual that encourages me to 'self care'. A ritual that i honestly believe allows the interruptions of my mind to cease. Its still there, the mind doesnt stop. But i do see windows of peace… opportunities of space, a greater sense of connection both to myself and to others   

Tomorrow marks for me the end of a 8 week intensive. The 4th for this year. That means 8 months of 4am starts. 2 hours driving just to get to and fro from Yoga. A 2 minimum hour practice then followed by a 10 hour minimum work day

Yes, i have slept in, missed classes… and i am far from perfect. But i don't want to be. The perfection is revealed for me, within the imperfection….i keep going. I keep learning about myself, my relationships, my role in this world and perhaps the way i process it all

As part of our WANDERluxe experiences we will introduce developing a Yoga Practice for YOU; be it postures from the Ashtanga lineage in a traditional way or weaved into a Vinyasa style flow. In addition, a daily set of rituals that help set you up to more deeply support yourself - journalling, nutrition and self care

 For more information on the format of the 'Experience'

and any questions please be in touch . I look forward to meeting you along the way 

x Taryn | wanderluxeyoga@gmail.com


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