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The WANDER of Life.. 

WANDERluxe Yoga as the Name suggests lends itself to experiencing WANDER both externally and internally

A healer I saw many years ago, looked me in the eyes and asked me to continue to see the WANDER in everything.. Like literally everything ! The opening of a flower, the post man arriving, the garbage truck leaving. .. water running out of a tap

Every time I get overwhelmed, stressed or experience feelings that define to me a lack of clarity I remind myself to see the world as one of Wander. Perhaps seeing things like a child does when they first understand the notion that the sun comes up and the sun goes down, and feeling in awe, so elated and so excited for the very first time…….

One of the most common things I see, working with clients is they have lost their sense of Joy. Their feeling of purpose or perhaps their feelings of direction. We all go through that cycle. Anyone that knows me, truly knows that I have peter 'pan syndrome', I am still thirsty for the marvelous. I don’t want to ever stop growing, travelling, experiencing, loving, crying, feeling……

As adults the tendency to embrace cynicism is present. It seems the mundane becomes the norm. Complaining about what is wrong is second language. We all get stuck in ruts, become victims of our environments… BUT there is always a way out

Life is awesome. Every bit of this world good and bad can be seen as truly amazing. Our bodies made up of trillions of tiny cells and organisms are a true work of god. Our imperfection makes our perfection. Take a moment and see the world through a child’s eye for the first time. Look Up and Breathe in truly new life force ~

The name of our Experiences didn’t happen by chance. WANDERluxe Yoga Experiences came from a belief that although there are a million yoga retreats on the planet, the most incredible yoga teachers at each of your finger tips WANDERluxe was born as a truly new experience for YOU to enjoy. Experience and Discover something new or perhaps something old you see in a different way. Each experience is designed in a personal way with truly authentic brand partners and venues that resonate with creating the most profound joy

A close love of mine, always says “if you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got”. I challenge this further by saying “if you see things as you always do, your experience will always be the same”. So like the eyes of a child, see the WANDER in everything for the first time and you will experience something New. A new passion. A new joy

Within Yourself, Your Yoga, Your movement, Your Connections

I look forward to seeing you on the mat xx Taryn

For Experience Enquiries please contact | wanderluxeyoga@gmail.com & @WANDERluxe_yoga 



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