~ SUARGA | next stop added for WANDERLuxe Yoga Experiences 2016 & 2017

~ SUARGA | next stop added for WANDERLuxe Yoga Experiences 2016 & 2017

Part of the ethos that we had when WANDERluxe Yoga Experiences was born, was to develop partnerships with venues that share the same vision as we do~ not only get it, but are living proof of their efforts to provide sustainable practice in accommodation, food and environmental practice 

Landing on this place, was nothing short of amazing. May the impact on this earth be minimal and may we come together to educate a better future through minimising our choices and effect  

Suarga Padang Padang is built upon the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economical.

A majority of the resort's structures are built on stilts in an effort to preserve the indigenous flora and fauna and to promote natural cooling air circulation. Using recuperated wood from abandoned ironwood pontoons in Borneo, broken down teak houses, old factories, other FSC-certified materials, and bamboo.

As constructed wetlands, the resort's gardens and landscaping are engineered to use the natural functions of vegetation, soil and organisms. Renewable energy, in combination with energy-efficient technology, is applied to the lighting, air conditioning and all other equipment in the resort.

In the spirit of inspiring change amongst others, Suarga Padang Padang strives for each guest to experience something timeless - instilling an insatiable desire to be part of the solution, starting with the implementation of small lifestyle changes.

As a perfect landscape to meditation and yogic practices we look forward to bringing our guests to a slice of heaven. In true WL fashion, guests can enjoy a boheme' rustic luxe feel, highly vibrational food choices and movement that not only permeates change but inspires your choices 

Stay tuned for EXPERIENCE dates in 2016 and 2017 | wanderluxeyoga@gmail.com & @wanderluxeyoga 


Much love to our friends @suargapadangpadang and we welcome you to the WONDERLuxeYoga Tribe xx 

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