~ WANDERLuxe Yoga | The art of beautiful SKIN

~ WANDERLuxe Yoga | The art of beautiful SKIN


As our largest organ in the body, our skin can sometimes be the one we neglect the most

For me, ‘outbreaks’ and not the throw the cup across the room type, are generally portrayed by break outs and congestion … Gross topic of conversation I know !!!

I see most skin issues stemming from Hormonal In balances and relative changes inside

But for those ‘not so easy to diagnose’ skin irritations perhaps look at the following

(Thanks to Carla Oates from Feeding Your Skin) for some fantastic pointers) 

Increase foods that are rich in Phytochemicals, Anti oxidants and Live Enzymes

* Phytochemicals are non-nutritive plant chemicals that can prevent disease, balance hormones, reduces free radical damage. An example is TEA. Used Orally or Topically to help inhibit inflammation and oxidative stress.

* Antioxidants – prevent free radical damage. Most beneficial group are found in the carotenoid family. Made up of brightly coloured fruit and vegetable which are vital for skin health and high in Vitamin A. Examples are Lycopene found in Tomatoes. Carotenes found in carrots, corn, mango and paw paw, oranges, pumpkin and sweet potato. Anthocyanins in beetroot, blueberries, black berries and eggplant

* Eat RAW FOOD daily – increase intake in fresh live food such as fresh fruit and vegetables which are nutrient rich, alkalizing and packed with enzymes. I make sure at least 50-70 % of my meals are raw this aids in digestion, reduces inflammation and boosts fibre intake

* Promote a Diet which encourages detoxification and Elimination

For Skin health its vital to regularily eat foods that support elimination and detoxification. The bodys detoxification organ is the Liver, so supporting Liver detox functions you take a significant load off other organs notably the skin. Healthy Diet high in Alkalising Foods, Water, Nutrients, herbs, Regular Exercise, a daily bowel motion and low toxin exposure

Boost your Fibre Intake

A healthy colon is vital for healthy skin. Minimise the waste that may accumulate in the bodys tissues and places far greater load on detox and elimination organs. This auto-toxicity is linked to many skin conditions. Increase high fibre foods, increase fruit and vegetables, soak your grains, increase chia seeds and freshly ground flaxseed

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Identify what is causing you stress in your life. If you can do something to reduce it, do it. A good amount of healthy stress is very important or else no one would get up in the morning, but to much is a very non healthy balance

Reduce your exposure to Pollution and Toxins

Increase Sleep

Cleanse your face properly after Yoga

One, I can be guilty of at times is racing out of Yoga and onto the day without properly cleansing my face after practice. Build up of sweat and toxins can accumulate on the skin and lead to inpurities down the track. If you cannot go home for a shower after class. Use the sink, take a hand washer and your cleanser and ensure you properly cleanse and moisturize before applying any make up

Enjoy the body you reside in and let it glow from the inside out

Love Taryn xxx 

wanderluxeyoga@gmail.com | @wanderluxe_yoga 


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