~ WANDERLuxe Yoga | Meditation

~ WANDERLuxe Yoga | Meditation


For me, meditation was never really a practice i struggled with. As a teenager and into my early 20's i would take my self to meditation groups, hari krishna chanting and meditation circles and silent retreats and different forms of meditations… originally i was drawn to meditation as a powerful tool to reduce stress and tension, but know i use meditation to gain clarity, increase my awareness and energetic channelling. Its a tool i use to directly connect me with divine intuition

As noted by Jonni Pollard of 1 Giant Mind, "When we are able to meet life's challenges with increasing capabilities, something truly extraordinary happens. We shift from living reactively and start living life creatively". Confidence in life purpose gains clarity. Furfilment in life isn't about surviving its about thriving...

Meditation is a gateway to wellbeing. It greatly balances resources and skills with life's challenges and increases self-awareness.. 

An important practice within our WANDERluxe Yoga Experiences will be daily meditation practices. Keeping techniques extremely simple the ability to integrate back into day to day life will be easy

For WLY Experience dates and Information | please be in touch info@wanderluxeyoga.com | @wanderluxe_yoga 

Taryn xxx 





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