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I have recently read a beautiful extract from this months Volume #20 Kula Magazine from Desa Seni, on The Art Of Balance ….

Spending half of my life on the Island of Bali, it’s a reminder to me daily when I am there how much the Balinese Culture thrives on the concept of Balance. Tri Hita Karana. Balance within their relationships, environment and with spiritual rituals and practice

Our Practice of Yoga requires us to examine our innate ‘connections’ and our ‘Threads’ and how we weave that together to make up our day-to-day lives.

Yoga also is a tool of Balance. Balance between the limbs of Yoga, the Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. Our Relationships, Our service to community and to others, and the practice we maintain within the Yamas and the Niyamas. 

Take a moment to examine the quality of your day? Is it Balanced? Or are you to -focused on work that you miss the quality of your relationships? Or are you more focused on your relationships that you miss the balance of diet and nutrition? Or do u work to much and miss the importance of health….

Where can you develop a more Balanced approach to this triad of your connection to ‘the divine’, ‘other humans’, and to the ‘environment’

It can be said, that true happiness resides when balance is found… By achieving a platform of inner balance and understanding the natures between the relationships is where we should all aim to reside xx

 Taryn xxx 

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