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Recently visiting a 'card reader' on New Years day was a light bulb moment for me, that i am already living my Life Purpose. For a long time i have told clients, friends, family that everything i do is a direct extension of who i am, what i love and what i am passionate about. But i am not only saying that i am doing it….  

Perhaps along my path i have met a lot of people who were in direct alignment with their passions and were living proof that you could live the life of your dreams. So this inspired me to keep understanding what i needed for my inner world and which direction i needed to go.. year after year, month after month i would journal about what and how i needed to build and construct my life so i could be truly happy, fur filled and successful 

I feel honoured to call myself part of this new tribe of entrepreneurs that are living proof they have businesses that 'support who they are as humans'… and what they need to ensure success and happiness 

Success to me, is being in balance with myself, my environment and my relationships and to work with clients that represent parts of myself that i have invested most of my life to creating knowledge around

I am a Brand Manager | Consultant as well as a humble Yoga Teacher. So my primary business @canvascreativeagency is to piece together brands and components of the brand to ensure high levels of sales performance and brand success

For a long time, my fear of success and expressing my innate needs held me in jobs and with clients that were literally toxic for my growth. I was unhappy but i would prefer to keep the peace and ensure their needs were met before i met my own

I stopped doing that, and when i did my life changed… The Brands and Clients i work with represent parts of me. Parts of me that i also Love… So in essence, these parts are the parts that make up my heart… And when you work from your heart you are in direct links to both your life purpose and to spirituality, god and higher being….. I carefully select the clients i work with, so i can ensure they understand my needs as well as i understand and respect theirs… Success is inevitable 

I dont clip my wings, instead i understand that i can grow but i need to be growing with those that want to fly in the same direction together 

I have my self daily rituals that keep me in Balance, reduce my fears, reduce my illusions. I give myself time to completely disconnected so i can reset my goals; my happiness and my inner compass 

Nurture yourself first, then give to others 

Be the change you want to see in the world, if i can find my passion and purpose on this world so can you and by setting a more powerful movement together we can lead others to do the same :) 

Namaste ~ 




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