WANDERluxe Yoga Experiences

WANDERLUXE Yoga ~ we are so excited to be a partner in these beautiful events. A hand made CANVASlabel item will be available at each experience.. We hope you can join us  We wander to a space merging between luxury and dream, we find the breath, we move the body and touch love. Find the still waters of the mind, unveil the mask and we journey home.

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~ MOMENTS celebrated | Paper Daisy

Well as northern NSW really heats up its offering of 'farm to plate' concept spaces, today i was spoilt by the newest curated offering inspired by its coastal setting... Halcyon House at Cabarita and its signature restaurant Paper Daisy was certainly an experience worth celebrating. Featuring one of Australia's most promising chefs Ben Devlin, we were wrapped in styled sophistication from the onset. The dining space has been carefully styled to inspire the creative amongst us all. With the ocean lapping on the surroundings and a palette rich in local region specialties this space is not to be missed xx...

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~ My home for the next month of YOGA Immersion | Work | Process and Practice … Its amazing what getting some space on things shows you. Having distance allows you to see things as they truly are. When u are constantly in the cycle you can't get clarity or clear perception … Give yourself time out to refresh, grow and self nurture | the best is yet to come xx 

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~ We are so grateful for our new space of creation. Breathing fresh energy and life into everything. Today serves a positive reminder that the only thing we have control over is our Attitude.                                                                Protect yourself and your sacred energy. Be around those things that Inspire you x 

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